AirAura 2.6 Pro / Guru GUI Released

As professional audio processing developers, we constantly work to make our great products even better. After completing the beta testing of our latest software, we're proud to announce that Version 2.6 is now ready for release.

What are the benefits of Version 2.6? You'll hear even cleaner high end, and even punchier bottom end. You'll get even greater on‐air loudness with reduced processing artifacts. Newly developed algorithms reduce the 'grunginess' of bit‐reduced playout system audio to increase its perceived quality. The consensus of v2.6 beta testers was that the new software was "the most significant upgrade to their on‐air sound since Wheatstone introduced AirAura." Humbly, we think so too.

Version 2.6 also includes new Factory Presets that take advantage of the 'under the hood' improvements in AirAura's processing structure. And while we feel the new presets provide cool and interesting sound textures worth exploring, upgrading from your current presets isn't necessary to reap the benefits of Version 2.6. In fact, AirAura users will find that Version 2.6 allows them a great deal more tweaking latitude, particularly in the Vorsis Bass Management System (VBMS) and final clipper. We've even added a couple of things that aren't necessarily related to sound, such as new front panel security and lockout features.

AirAura Version 2.6 improves on features previously introduced in Version 2.4:

  • Speech SmartTM Technology for pristine voice quality;
  • Input and output audio feeds via Wheatnet® IP audio networking;
  • Enhancements in our acclaimed Audio Processing Guru® software;
  • Vorsis Bass ToolsTM, our exclusive 'sub bass' enhancement technique.

A new and greatly expanded AirAura manual is currently in final review. Look for it soon in the 'downloads' section of our Wheatstone Processing website!

Our Vorsis technical support team is always available to assist with installation or tuning of any Wheatstone processor. We always welcome feedback and suggestions from you, our customer. Please let us know how we can make our products even better.

Give us a call at (252) 638‐7000 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for questions or assistance with the upgrade.

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